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The school aims to encourage its public to participate in a range of sports particularly for the purpose of enjoyments and recreation. At the same time, we aim to enable those who to participate in inter-class, intra –school and local competitions to further these ambitions. The school facilities yoga Aerobics Gymnastic skating etc.


Extra Curricular Activities

A range of activities are available at various appropriate times during the school year. These may include a variety of Dramatics, story Telling Dances, Recitation, Music clay Modeling Gardening etc.


Equality in Opportunity

We are committed to principle of equality in opportunity for all our publics irrespective of their caste, creed, sex, religion or economic status. The school also follows the policy of integration of children with special needs in the normal classroom.

Visit to a variety of places in interest are encouraged, when and where appropriate in order to enhances studies undertaken by the children. Prior notification and details of all such outings are given to parent

Costs of most activities are subsidized from school funds and parents may be asked to voluntarily contribute towards expenses. Such exciting educational opportunities are a regular part of the school programs.