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The school seeks to provide a board and balanced curriculum for the children; a sound foundation in the basic skills of English Mathematics and Information Technology; opportunity for each child to develop interest and abilities in Music, Art Drama and sports. The curriculum is based on the guidelines provided by CBSE with due emphasis on Activity Based Learning.

Assessment & Reporting to Parents

A Cumulative Assessment is provided to parents after the completion of every project, highlighting the achievements in key areas of development. Parents are invited to set targets and discuss each report with the teacher. The areas of assessment include. Physical, Social & Emotional Development of the child incorporated into Projects spared throughout the academic years. Interest and performances in thymes, conversation & Learning of basic manner is also gauged.



Links with the Primary

We hope to make moving to school a positive, happy experiences for the children. We introduce the children to achiest and experiences that take places in school or with older children.

For example, we take the children to the main school building; sing with the primary school children; go to appropriate assemblies and take part in school events.