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The 2-acre walled campus comprises of:

Academic Block:

A four-storied aesthetically beautiful and a functional building which houses a perfect place to impart the modern facilities.

An Auditorium:

Especially designed and equipped with audio-visual facilities is the venue for music, plays, aerobics, declamation, debates and workshops.

Well Stocked Library:

The Library is a central feature of the School and it contains a very extensive range of more than 7000 books which are regularly supplemented.. Students are encouraged to read for pleasure and to use this facility for reference and research.

Outdoor Sports Areas:

We are committed to the development of a healthy individual and the school's splendid environs support this need. An adequate part of the school area is devoted to sports. The sports area comprises of:

  • A smooth concrete basketball court
  • A big playground
  • A tennis court
  • A skating Rink
  • A miniature Nature-cum-Amusement park with flower beds, splash pool, bridges, sand beds, swings, sliding chutes and a toy train for little kids.
A Tuck Shop:

We ensure healthy and pure food is served for bon appétit. 

Modern Science Lab:

Science takes place in a well-equipped Laboratory, with a strong emphasis on practical work and experiments.

Music Room:

Students are provided training in Classical & Western music using state-of-the art musical instruments viz. Keyboard, Harmonium, Guitar and hi-tech recording system.

IT Hub:

The ability to work with computers and the capacity to design and realise solutions to technical problems are very relevant to preparing pupils for their future in tomorrow's society. The attractive and well designed Computer Room is fully equipped with an advanced network of computers and associated hardware. All students are introduced to the essential elements of Information & Communications Technology, and increasingly apply their skills in other subject areas of the curriculum. They all have controlled access to the Internet.